COVID-19 UPDATE - tharsus


Our response to COVID-19

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By Brian Palmer OBE

Tharsus is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic, strictly following the guidelines issued by the UK Government and we are supporting efforts to tackle the virus. Since the outbreak, we have been actively exploring ways to help with the pandemic using our technology and years of expertise.

We are continuing to operate during this pandemic with our key industry partners and essential projects.

We’re doing this alongside our other priority – keeping our people, their families and our community safe and well.

Our colleagues in the building are sticking to social distancing measures and observing all necessary hygiene rules.

Throughout the building we have enforced hand sanitiser stations, restrictions on the number of people in certain rooms or work stations and introduced one way walking systems where necessary. We have a volunteer colleague led Champions and Challengers, who ensure our colleagues are all our social distancing and hygiene measures and are coming up with new ways to keep our people safer. We are also minimising visitors on our sites.

Where possible, colleagues are working from home and Tharsus have provided them with the right technology to do so effectively. Regular communication is kept between Tharsus and all of our colleagues so ensure everyone keeps connected to each other and their work in the business.

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