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Tharsus is a contract manufacturer with expertise in advanced manufacturing and electro-mechanical assembly, taking complex tech products to successful scale manufacture.


We have a unique multi-disciplinary capability so we can develop products as well as manufacture them. Our Design and Digital Technology teams combine their expertise to create prototypes optimised by digital simulation. Our Manufacturing teams effectively resolve DFM issues so products move rapidly into accurate manufacture.


Our highly skilled manufacturing team delivers volume production for a wide variety of complex products from our 100,000 m sq facility. Completely flexible, we’ll run at the scale you need to get your product into market the way you want, allowing for revisions, iterations and demand fluctuations along the way.


Our strategic supply chain specialists build a deep understanding of your product's needs to launch, manufacture at scale and beyond. This is the only way to accurately identify and mitigate risks and ensure delivery. Then, we’ll work closely with you to design and implement a global supply chain that’s as flexible and scalable as you need it to be.

Advanced manufacturing and electro-mechanical assembly

We look after all the hardware needs of your product leaving you free to focus on what you do best: the tech

Contract manufacturing with us is flexible, reliable and repeatable.  We’ll take the time to understand your needs and work as an extension of your own team to find the smartest way to meet them.  Even if that means building our own capabilities.

And you’ll benefit from our unique end to end process too, which brings our engineering design, manufacturing and supply chain experts together under one roof.  This multi-disciplinary approach ensures your product moves quickly and effectively into successful manufacture while risk is eliminated.

Which in turn leaves you free to focus on keeping your tech truly competitive, rather than trying to solve the nuances of advanced manufacturing and electro-mechanical assembly.





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