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Energy & renewables

Robotics and automation for safer, cleaner energy

Helping the world transition to renewables through technology innovation, finding better ways to farm, store and distribute power that will protect our planet’s future.

Climate change is the most critical challenge this planet has ever faced, and robotics and automated machines have the potential to lead the fightback for a sustainable world. Changing lifestyles and a growing population means demand for energy is always rising. Old ways of producing energy are no longer viable, while new methods require major improvements in efficiency. We can help build the escape route out of this climate crisis.

Our robots and automation can help increase the use and efficiency of renewable energy, while decommissioning old production methods safely, sustainably, and cost-effectively. We have the technical expertise to support your ambitions to dramatically improve everything from the way we generate wind, marine, solar and nuclear power, to how we lessen the impact of oil and gas.

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The expertise we bring

If the world is going to be able to produce enough renewable energy to offset climate change, revolutionary technology will be essential in tackling a challenge of such colossal scale. Our innovative team of specialists can devise ways of storing energy longer, which will be vital to mitigate against the volatile demand and supply inherent in many renewable sources.

We can devise robots and automated machines to deliver energy to homes faster, more conveniently, and with low environmental impact. But that is just the start. In order to tackle a global problem society has never faced before, we will need to invent totally new concepts. That’s why we will also partner with companies in emerging technology sectors to make sure we are always on the leading edge.

Embedding new technologies

We can help with the vital connection between new forms of power generation and the consumers who will use it. Commercialising a source like hydrogen is hugely complex because society currently doesn’t have an efficient infrastructure in place to deliver it to businesses and homes. Automated machines are a powerful solution. Similarly, there must be transformation of the nuclear industry, moving away from the traditional, out-dated applications to far more sustainable and effective approaches such as micro-reactors. It’s a transition where automated machines can play a major role.

Safer and faster maintenance

Inspecting and maintaining the world’s wind turbines, ocean turbines and solar panels in person is already much too labour-intensive. But as we rely more and more on these alternative energy sources, and the numbers of structures increase exponentially, it will become practically impossible. Robots solve the problem because they can access this hard-to-reach machinery without putting people at risk. They can inspect quicker, spotting more potential problems in advance, and either communicate with other automated machinery to carry out repairs, or report findings to maintenance teams on the ground.

Reducing dangers in decommissioning

Transitioning to clean energy is not just about finding new ways to generate renewable power. The industry must also decommission out-dated methods efficiently and safely. Robotics are helping customers do exactly that, assessing and clearing contaminated nuclear plants in environments far too dangerous for teams to physically work in. We helped design and prototype a robotic system that can be controlled remotely from a safe distance, while keeping the operators safely out of harm’s way. Decommissioning a major nuclear power plant could take decades and cost close to £100 billion, but automated machines could completely revolutionise the process.

What do you need?

There is so much more potential for transformation in this sector, from data-driven precision monitoring of volatile hydrogen stores to fast-tracking the shift to electric vehicles. If your business is in energy and renewals and you want to solve a challenge that will create strategic advantage over your competitors, we want to hear from you.


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