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Smart technology

Creating highly intelligent robotics and automated machines

At the leading edge of technology innovation, developing and integrating intelligent software that transforms industrial automation, making our machines even more strategic.

The challenges facing our planet are becoming increasingly complex. Everything from safeguarding the future of industry to the health of the human race requires a dramatic shift away from the tried-and-tested. So we have undergone our own transformation, deeply enhancing our electro-mechanical engineering with advanced intelligent automation and technology. This takes you beyond sector disruption to a new space – developing globally disruptive products that will solve the world’s biggest challenges.

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Why our unique approach to smart technology adds exceptional value

We’re continually inventing ways of adding impressive levels of intelligence to our robotics and automated machines. Our teams have developed unique software and modelling techniques that create smarter, more efficient and more effective automation that can think for itself, ultimately expanding your operational capabilities exponentially. The more strategic, sophisticated and capable of making decisions we make them, the more valuable they become.

Our thorough knowledge of software development means we can develop innovative solutions to the complex challenges your product faces. We’re never constrained by technology, knowing exactly the right tools and languages to use that will most effectively orchestrate and control your robots. Ongoing collaborations in the pioneering fields of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and machine learning continually expand our expertise, giving us the breadth and depth we need to make sure your robots and automated machines realise their potential. Combined with the latest developments in motion, electronic activation and awareness, we have the wide-reaching expertise vital to truly disrupt your market for strong commercial advantage.

We have a number of projects underway in this space that we’re looking forward to announcing, developing intelligent hardware that takes robotics and automation to remarkable new levels. Read more about our broader range of projects across all areas of expertise here.



Unrivalled technology innovation from a team of specialists working at the leading edge of industrial automation, robot manufacturing and revolutionary ideas.


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Smart technology

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