Innovating across sectors

Deep cross-sector knowledge means we can create first-of-its-kind technology to help revolutionise everything from agritech to energy and mobility.

We know that the biggest global challenges facing society today will not be solved by any single sector in isolation. There must be innovation across many fields, which is why at Tharsus we bring our expertise to a wide range of industries. Yet while our work spans many sectors, every project has one thing in common – each is focused on giving you a powerful strategic advantage over your competitors.

In healthcare, we are collaborating with innovators on ways to ensure people live longer, healthier lives. Life expectancy continues to rise while resources to care for the elderly are increasingly scarce, yet robots and automation can dramatically improve how the sector operates. Whether it’s remote robotic surgery or technology that protects older people’s independence for longer, our expertise can make a radical difference.

The same can be said for the world of agritech and food. There’s no doubt that society will struggle to feed the planet’s eight billion people without a dramatic shift in food production processes. Sustainability will be key, ensuring that the land and oceans providing everything we eat are protected as demand continues to rise. We can design and create your robotics and automated machines to address this most pressing of challenges. 

Farming is only one step in the food supply chain though, and this is where agritech crosses over into logistics and warehousing. We can collaborate with you on innovative ideas to get products to homes faster, more conveniently, with less impact on the planet. Vital for a world where booming e-commerce is making delivery demand almost insatiable.

We also apply our expertise to help transform every aspect of connectivity and mobility. Traditional infrastructure is no longer fit for purpose, with climate change and a growing population putting huge strain on outdated transport systems. We can help invent robotics and automation that will physically and digitally connect the world, whether through electric vehicles, more accessible high-speed internet, or advanced technologies yet to have their moment. 

Mobility is of course inextricably linked to energy, so it’s inevitable that our work often addresses the search for better ways to farm, store and distribute power. Robotics and automated machines have the potential to radically transform how we produce safer, cleaner, renewable energy, whether that’s with wind, marine, solar and nuclear power, or by lessening the impact of oil and gas.

No matter what sector we’re in, we engineer progress.

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