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Working at Tharsus

Tharsus is a robotics, technology and engineering business that thinks big and delivers the exceptional for some of the world’s leading brands.

A strong, constant and ambitious partner for our customers, we are looking for exceptional people to join us and help tackle the challenges which make these exceptional things happen. So, let’s talk about exceptional people and what they do.

Starting at the front door, we’ve got our Marketing and Business Development teams. Together, they are responsible for promoting Tharsus and finding new customers to work with. Our Marketing and Business Development teams showcase why Tharsus is a partner of choice, build our brand and tell the world how great it is to work here.


People meeting in Tharsus office Engineer selecting parts to built a robot

The goal is to deliver game changing solutions that will transform our customers’ futures. Many technology companies will tell you that their core focus is machines, people and systems. We don’t just tell this story, we live it. By studying these core components and their interactions, we solve real problems that matter.

Tharsus has over 50 years’ experience developing and using sophisticated, state-of-the-art technologies. The Digital Technologies team pride itself on being unbound by legacy technology and being able to use the best tool for the job. We work with cutting edge machine learning, the latest mathematical techniques, data analysis, software architecture and development, experience design techniques and psychological and physiological principles of design to name just a few.

We solve our customers’ problems with a great team of highly skilled engineers who can design and create products that are reliably manufactured and do everything they need to do.

When the prototyping process is complete, our Engineering Team hands over to the Advanced Manufacturing Engineering team who get the new product ready for production and make sure we have guidelines in place to keep the process simple and straightforward.

engineer building a robot People meeting to discuss the design of an automated solution

The Manufacturing team is key to our success. The team concentrate on developing, managing and reviewing scalable processes to produce our customers products. Our production teams incorporate varied roles centred on key actions such as testing and quality. Supporting our production colleagues, we have a host of additional teams and people who manage key parts of our business such as stores and suppliers.

And supporting the business, we have key functions such as Finance, IT Business Excellence and HR all of whom help Tharsus grow, innovate and scale consistently and sustainably.


If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for here then please don’t hesitate to contact our careers team at [email protected], who will be happy to answer any queries regarding applying for roles at Tharsus.

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