How we work

The right mix of people and resources to bring complex products to life

We help you take giant leaps forward. Using our proprietary approach, ‘The Key’, we deliver outstanding products that revolutionise your market.

The Key encapsulates the way we work. It’s how we navigate you to scale manufacture and commercial success.

Central to the process is ensuring the right resources and people are focused on the right elements at the right time.

Taking your product to scale and success- whatever stage you’re at

We bring products to life which are either extremely complex or have never been made before.  Sometimes they come to us ready for scale manufacturing.  Sometimes they’re still an idea.

Being multi-disciplinary we can develop products as well as manufacturing them.  Our Design and Digital Technology teams can combine their expertise to take an early-stage idea all the way to a prototype optimised by digital simulation. Our Manufacturing teams have the capability and use the latest technologies to effectively resolve DFM issues, ensuring products move rapidly into accurate manufacturing.

As well as enabling progress, The Key gives you absolute clarity of the needs of your product at each stage, what we will deliver and what the next stage will be.  So whatever stage you and your product are at, we can work with you from there all the way to your end goal-successful scale manufacturing.


Engineer inspecting automated part

Success here will take exceptional technical, operational, commercial and communication skills, not least because the shared goals and ambitions we identify at the beginning of the process may change as things develop. Crucially, we’re constantly collaborating closely with you - and often with key suppliers too - to combine your knowledge with our technical and operational expertise. It’s how we produce game-changing tech products that disrupt markets and bring you substantial commercial success.

Building a unique and lean supply chain

It takes a huge amount of time and specialist knowledge to build the global network of services and products needed to take a product into scale manufacturing. That’s why most manufacturers only have one, then reverse engineer the needs of the product based on what the existing supply chain can handle. We’re different. We give you an individually tailored and lean supply chain, ensuring your product moves quickly and efficiently into scale manufacturing without compromise.

We start working with you much earlier in the process than a traditional contract manufacturer, so understand the precise needs of your product far in advance. This gives us much more time to search our global network of suppliers and partners.  Then we use our extensive knowledge across the team to appraise, audit and select the best choice, agree contracts, then design, plan, execute, control and monitor all supply chain activities with you. It’s a very agile process, and we’re continuously analysing the value of goods and services for optimum performance.

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