Multi-disciplinary mastery in advanced manufacturing, robotics and automation

Unrivalled technology innovation from a team of specialists working at the leading edge of advanced manufacturing, industrial automation, robotics and revolutionary ideas.

We’re a rare combination of talents with real depth of knowledge that can guide you at every stage, from initial concept to manufacture. Everything focused on giving you game-changing strategic advantage over your competitors, powered by technology innovation with the ability to solve some of the planet’s most urgent challenges. We know speed-to-market is crucial if you want to get in front of your rivals and stay there, so our people are perfect collaborators across disciplines, working side-by-side to ensure everything runs quickly and smoothly.

Every robotic and automated machine project we work on is unique and we have a pioneering attitude, thriving on first-of-its-kind challenges.  From the moment we begin designing for manufacturing, we always stay focused on what your product needs, never wasting valuable time and resources on nice-to-have but inessential features, using existing technology wherever possible.

Attention to detail and the ability to anticipate the unexpected is key, so our multi-disciplinary teams use precision prototyping to explore every possibility and remove any potential risks. Advanced simulation software allows us to gain vital insights before needing to physically build anything. Combined with our deep understanding of motion, vision, awareness and artificial intelligence, we can create robotics and automated machines that perform exacting tasks and respond precisely to their environment.

Yet crucially, we’re tech generalists, and we like it that way. It keeps us curious and open-minded in our approach to the challenges we help you tackle. We don’t settle on a strategy purely because it fits with our skillset. Instead, we have a large and ever-growing ecosystem of partners across academia and industry to draw on for additional specialist expertise if we need it. This also allows us to stay focused on the bigger picture: we’re here to make the product you want to create, without falling down tech rabbit holes along the way.

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