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Agritech & food

Feeding the planet through technology innovation

Our breakthroughs in industrial automation and robotics technology have the potential to address a huge global challenge – feeding a growing population with shrinking resources.

Agritech robotics and automated machines are already playing a fundamental role in how we feed the eight billion people on our planet. And as the population continues to grow, we will need to look even more towards technology to battle the challenge of scarce resources. Without innovation to dramatically improve the efficiency of food production, countries around the world will face the prospect of crippling food poverty. At the same time, traditional farming methods are causing devastating damage to the planet and its climate. We want to help change the story.

We’re specialists in industrial automation and have the expertise to make a big impact on every stage of the journey from farm to plate. Through groundreaking technology, we can help you make food production more efficient with less impact on the environment. We can collaborate on ways of storing it longer for protection against the unpredictability of seasonal supply, deliver it to homes faster and more conveniently, and minimise waste while maximising sustainability.

An agritech drone at work over a field

The expertise we bring

From vertical farms and precision agriculture to herbicide-free farming methods and last-mile food delivery, we can help you gain strategic advantage over your competitors with robots and automated machines that will radically disrupt the market.

If you operate at any point on the food production and delivery chain, we can transform how you do business. There’s no limit to what we will explore, always keen to partner with those pushing the boundaries of what the food and agritech sector can be.

Better, more efficient food production

We can create robotics and automation that can dramatically change how society produces food. Automated glasshouses allow farmers to grow high-value crops under carefully calibrated conditions, without the need for hard-to-find labour. Vertical farms not only maximise space available for food production but can incorporate technology that allows farmers to pause and restart growth in line with fluctuations in demand, reducing waste. We can design and build your vision for an automated soil sampling and monitoring system to improve the health and carbon-capturing potential of farmland, while robots can apply herbicides, nutrients, and water with far more precision than the human hand.

Swift delivery

Every stage of food delivery is a clear opportunity for technology innovation, with last-mile in particular a prime example. As consumer ordering continues to rise exponentially, home delivery of groceries and meals using drones will address both labour shortages and pollution. Van and bike delivery is highly inefficient, constantly producing carbon emissions even though the vehicles are empty much of the time. Restaurants themselves are being reinvented through tech with the concept of dark kitchens – delivery-only restaurants that rely heavily on automation to prepare high volumes of food orders, but never directly serve a customer.

Less waste, improved sustainability

Our expertise in artificial intelligence – and specifically vision systems – has the potential to greatly improve how and what we recycle. Not only can automation at waste management plants vastly improve how materials are sorted, but in a sense we can give machines the ability to ‘see’ what they are sorting. This way, the plant can track exactly which food packaging from which brands is being recycled. The data gathered can then be fed back to manufacturers so they can understand more about which sustainability initiatives are working and which materials designed to be recycled aren’t making it through.

What do you need?

There is so much more potential for transformation in this sector, from crop phenotyping to smarter storage. If your business is in food and agritech and you want to solve a challenge that will create strategic advantage over your competitors, we want to hear from you.


Deep cross-sector knowledge means we can create first-of-its-kind technology to help revolutionise everything from agritech and healthcare to energy and mobility.

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