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Net zero: powered by advanced manufacturing

The UK Government is committed to an ambitious target to tackle climate change and drive the global shift away from fossil fuels. A major component of this is the adoption of electrification as a strategy to mitigate harmful emissions and reach net zero goals. 

All industries are looking to pivot their operations so they can play their part in reaching net zero. Those that are going down the electrification route must be empowered by policy, infrastructure and have the support in place to successfully transform their business practices.

A recent Government report – Mission Zero: Independent Review of Net Zero – emphasised the need for “the swift establishment of the zero emission vehicle mandate to apply from 2024” and the promise of a Low Carbon Fuel Strategy to be published this year. As the Government continues to prioritise electrification, businesses are going to need to play their part in positioning the UK as a leader in this space.

Tharsus is helping businesses meet these challenges, helping to solve and scale solutions, using advanced manufacturing to realise innovation that will transform everything from energy storage to critical infrastructure.

EV charging

The expertise we bring

At Tharsus, our unique multi-disciplinary advanced manufacturing team has long experience of collaborating with customers to introduce first of kind hardware products to market at scale. We understand the challenges of design for manufacturing. The need to take a flexible approach to manufacturing volumes to map market demand and product iteration. And all the while building a resilient supply chain to serve the needs of your product, predictably and sustainably.

It's this which has seen us become the commercialisation partner of choice for US-Based FreeWire, whom we’re supporting with delivery to their UK customer, BP.

You can read about our work with them here

Turning vehicles electric

Electric vehicles (EVs) are no longer a niche idea. Uptake is booming, in part because far better battery capacity has stopped people from worrying about a limited range. Yet further innovation is needed because the more EVs there are on the roads, the more strain they put on limited public chargers. At current rates, availability is going backwards, with fewer chargers per vehicle as take-up increases. But we have the potential to reverse the trend, scaling the infrastructure quickly and democratically, ensuring it’s not just the big cities that benefit.

Energy storage systems

Energy storage systems (ESS) and in particular batteries will play an even bigger role than previously thought as off-grid EV charging emerges as the realistic solution to the infrastructure deficit. However, standardisation of battery design is still a long way off and until this happens, variations in design and unstable supply chain remain huge obstacles to businesses wanting to scale manufacture of technology using batteries. Our long experience manufacturing same series products around multiple batteries means we’re uniquely positioned to solve both.  Meanwhile ground-breaking innovations in alternative energy generation through renewables, hydrogen and kinetic solutions are surfacing an urgent need to scale ESS to remove reliance on the grid.


Delivering to multiple territories

Making products for overseas markets is often a minefield of unfamiliar legalities and unexpected specification variances.  The UK market is an attractive one for charging infrastructure OEMs-like FreeWire- based outside it.  A manufacturing partnership with us, both eliminates the minefield as well as minimising a product’s footprint.

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