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Tharsus Manufacturing: a triumph in the face of audit

We recently celebrated our 2023 Chairman’s Awards at Tharsus and Universal Wolf, honouring colleagues who embody our company's Vision, Mission, and Values. These shining examples inspire us all, so we wanted to take a moment and shine a light on some of our nominees and their stories. 

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By Elaine Fullarton

Meet Tharsus Manufacturing Operator, Gerry Loobey

In the heart of a crucial external ISO audit, amidst the whirlwind of questions and scrutiny, one individual stood out like a beacon of calm and confidence: Tharsus Manufacturing Operator, Gerry Loobey.

Here is a tale of his remarkable composure

Imagine the scene: the pressure mounts as the auditor approaches.  Gerry is in the deep throes of torque gripper assembly work.  However, instead of succumbing to the typical nerves that accompany such external audits, Gerry was unfazed.

With precision and poise, Gerry guided the auditor through the intricate processes of torque gripper assembly, a task that typically sends shivers down the spine of even the most seasoned professional. But not Gerry.  Gerry is in his element and effortlessly explained the assembly process and OTGA (Optimal Trajectory Generation Algorithm) testing with a confidence that left the auditor looking thoroughly impressed.

As tough questions were fired his way, Gerry didn’t flinch. How do you determine the torque? What about the document management system? But Gerry, he’s prepared. He pulls out the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and test procedures with ease, showcasing his attention to detail and comprehensive understanding of the processes at hand.

But perhaps what sets Gerry apart isn’t just his knowledge; it’s his commitment to the greater goal. In a heartfelt conversation afterward, Gerry emphasized the significance of the audit and his desire to contribute to the manufacturing team’s efforts in gaining our ISO certification and thus, bringing more projects into Tharsus manufacturing.

Thinking wider

In Gerry, we see more than just a colleague; we see someone who truly cares about the business. His dedication, his cool demeanour under pressure, and his relentless pursuit of excellence are an inspiration.

So, here’s to Gerry, a shining example of grace under fire and a testament to the power of Thinking Wider. Congratulations, Gerry, on your Chairman’s Award nomination!

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