Our grads on tech that matters-part two - tharsus

Our grads on tech that matters-part two

As we continue to recruit our next intake of super-talented graduates, we're hearing from our current grads why following in their footsteps will be the best journey any new grad can make.

Category Unlocking innovation
By Kerry Patterson

In the second in our series, we hear from Ed, Theo, Alex, Sophie and Wasif as they share why creating tech that matters is so important to them.

Ed is a Tharsus graduate


Tech matters to people and companies in very different ways.  I’m trying to be more environmentally conscious – that’s what matters to me.  At Tharsus I’m working on multiple projects that decrease ‘waste’ whether that is reducing weight, time, cost and many other factors. These wastes have a big impact on the environment, so I feel good that I’m doing my bit to help.


Theo is a Tharsus graduate


Tharsus’ approach to design activities involves understanding issues business are experiencing and identifying opportunities to address them to make them more efficient and competitive.   Being part of this really focussed process effectively makes me a ‘professional problem solver’ to some of the biggest businesses in the world, like BMW, Rolls-Royce and Ocado.  That’s super exciting!


Alex is a Tharsus graduate


I’ve literally lost count of the new and interesting technologies I have helped introduce to solve real-world problems.  From creating an award-winning smart social distancing device during covid to work in the medical field, this really is cutting edge technology and has obvious real-world impacts. Knowing that the work you’re doing is making a difference to people’s lives inspires me every day.

Sophie is a Tharsus graduate


Some of the biggest and most important companies in the world are choosing to work with Tharsus - this isn’t by accident-it’s because they get the passion, the talent, the quality of our work, which enables them to deliver and win in their markets.



Wasif is a Tharsus graduate


Working on projects that will make a difference for the future gives a real purpose to me work and makes every day exciting.  From robotic systems which free people to do more involved jobs to EV charging/ electricity storage systems to meet the increasing trend of EV usage.  This is work that matters to people’s lives.

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