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Building Strategic Machines

Tharsus CEO Brian Palmer discussed the Tharsus approach to building Strategic Machines.

Category Design
By Brian Palmer OBE

At Tharsus, we design and manufacture Strategic Machines. Strategic Machines improve our customers’ business performance by solving tough automation problems and creating new business opportunities. This can be done in any sector – robotics companies, warehouse automation, and so on.

To build our Strategic Machines, we rely on a combination of brain and brawn that combines our longstanding heritage in mechanical engineering with data science, rapid prototyping through data modelling and software development.

This collaborative, data-driven approach to engineering enables us to be far more powerful and efficient than any one team could be working alone. Working together in this way allows us to think wider when approaching problems, to aim higher, and to build the Strategic Machines that are transformative for our customers.

We approach every challenge in this way to identify where brain and brawn can complement one another. By working in tandem to assess challenges and solve problems, our engineering and data teams allow us to build truly intelligent technology solutions at scale and push boundaries that other robotics companies can’t.

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