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Northumberland is coming

Are you ready?

By Alex Latimer

Imagine 17 businesses with a collective turnover of over £1.4 billion, employing nearly 7000 people. And growing all the time. It’s always good to end the year with some success.

The reality however, as most will tell you, is the oft trammelled platitude that success always comes at a price. The greater the success, the higher that price. In real terms, for businesses based in our towns and cities the first headache comes with a search for bigger premises. Limited supply means size available is never quite ideal and you end up in premises which are in fact too big, taking a gamble on needed the space in the future. Or you end up somewhere not big enough to keep pace with your expansion, forcing you to move again only a couple of years down the line. More cost. More searching. More pain just to reach another imperfect outcome.

And then there’s parking. Can you afford to provide your people with free parking? I’m guessing probably not. How much will high daily parking charges hamstring your effort to attract talented people? And then there’s the commute. Sitting in traffic jams for a couple of hours a day, anybody?

But if you overcome these hurdles your success will endure and you’ll continue to grow. And then you get land-locked and have to move again.

Surely there has to be a better way.

Imagine ample space to scale quickly and flexibly. Imagine a pool of talented, engaged people on your doorstep. Imagine no parking woes. Imagine congestion free commuting taking in one of the most dramatic coastlines in Europe, strewn with historic castles. Or winding through ancient hills and moorland following in the steps of Caesar.

At Tharsus, we’re often asked why we’re based where we are. My answer? See above.

Northumberland is fast emerging as the perfect place to base an ambitious, exciting business. From biomass to baby products, pharma to farm equipment, cleantech to strategic machines, Northumberland is home to businesses punching well above their weight.

And the relevance of our ‘successful 17’ at the top of this article?  This is the number and output of Northumberland businesses which raked in the North East Top 200 this year.  And we are very proud to be one of them.

A very happy festive season from Tharsus. And Northumberland.


Tharsus designs and manufactures Strategic Machines. Strategic Machines make a strategic difference to our customers’ business performance by solving tough automation problems and creating new business opportunities. The right Strategic Machine helps businesses tackle people and resource scarcity, environmental challenges, changing consumer behaviour and disruptive competitors and technologies.

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