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Fostering innovation through bespoke supply chain solutions

By Andy Lyall

Fostering innovation through bespoke supply chain solutions

Our customers come to us with a common goal.  For their new product to succeed.

For any new product to succeed, it’s crucial it gets into its market quickly and effectively.  Our unique Solve + Scale + Supply service offering enables our customers’ products to do just that, by taking production headaches away.

One of the biggest — oftentimes unforeseen headaches — is supply chain

The mix of goods, services, processes and not to mention people, needed to support a product’s manufacturing is extremely complex, intricate and frequently idiosyncratic.  Particularly so in the new tech world with many supply chain challenges.

Strategic alliances which go beyond the transactional

At Tharsus we’re much more than a supply chain provider. We create dynamic partnerships, meticulously tailored to meet our customers’ individual needs.   We know that by providing a consistently reliable delivery to our customers, it helps create stability in their own operations, leaving them free to focus on their core business.  This results in considerably greater success than those businesses distracted by non-core operations.

Our big differentiator for Tharsus is the breadth of sectors we serve:  EV charging, Energy Storage Systems, Smart Vending, Health Tech, warehouse/logistics, transport and miscellaneous industrial automation industries — to name just a few.  This diversity results in an extremely agile approach when it comes to procurement, planning, material handling and outbound logistics.  In so doing, we’re re-defining the manufacturing landscape.

 A tech-driven approach to delivering supply chain excellence

 Our customers are typically looking to scale a product into a completely new market.  This means they need to manufacture with exceptional efficiency, flexibility, and accuracy to meet demand and seize the commercial opportunity on offer.

To deliver this, we’ve made a significant investment in a robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. For our customers, this ensures agility and adaptability and allows us to manage a wide range of functions.  It also serves as the backbone for demand planning as well as Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) processes.

From facilitating Design Change Management and Bill of Materials creation, loading sales orders, aggregating material demands, generating material orders, all the way through to ensuring the seamless receipt of goods and managing materials consumption, our ERP system is pivotal in shaping our proactive and strategic planning measures. It also facilitates product invoicing, streamlining our end-to-end operations — all while maintaining real-time responsiveness to ever-changing market conditions.

In simple terms, our ERP system collates and integrates the many processes (which in a more conventional set up would be done manually and separately), streamlining them into a much faster, much more cost-effective service to our customers.   This means our customers can rest assured that however sharply they need to scale up, we are able to deliver.

Managing our warehouse in real time

Another key dimension of our ERP-driven capability is full warehouse management functionality.  This allows us to conduct real-time stock movements and identify any issues – quickly.

Our team uses handheld devices to ensure immediate data logging, giving them visibility of a high level of stock accuracy, which not only enhances supply chain visibility, but also reduces lead times and ensures reliable product availability.  This much streamlined operational approach generates substantial cost savings, which we pass on to our customers.

The process also enables flexibility to optimise assembly line performance, which taken with customer bespoke packaging and delivery, ensures we’re seamlessly integrated into our customer’s own operations.  Again, our focus is on freeing our customers of operational burden, to allow them to concentrate on their tech.

We’re invested in relationships which deliver

While we’ve robust systems in place, we go to great lengths to ensure we’ve robust suppliers in place too.  We do this through a scoring matrix comprising of the following key areas:

1. Our supplier onboarding processes and emphasis on long-term relationships ensures that our customers receive a stable, dependable supply of products. For our customers, this translates into minimised operational disruptions.

2.  Our collaborative approach with suppliers allows for joint planning, forecasting, and replenishment practices, creating an environment for seamless supply-demand synchronisation. This efficiency reduces waste and overstocking, translating directly into cost savings for our customers.

3.  Responsiveness: A synchronised supply chain means we can quickly adapt to market changes and demand fluctuations. For our customers, this responsiveness means less risk of product shortages, ensuring that their customer orders are fulfilled on time, every time.

4.  Customisation: Our strategic supplier procurement allows us to cater to the unique needs of each customer, whether that means onboarding the customers supply chain, sourcing specific materials, accommodating unique manufacturing requirements, or adjusting to variable demand patterns.

5.  Risk mitigation: Our comprehensive Supplier Review process minimises the risk of supply chain disruptions, offering our customers peace of mind and the assurance of business continuity.

6.  And finally, supplier parts validation: By conducting regular supplier assessments and adopting advanced analytics, we maintain a clear understanding of supplier performance. This also allows us to identify potential issues and opportunities for improvement early, ensuring consistent delivery of high-quality components.

Andy leads the team playing a pivotal role in our continuing to maintain 100% customer delivery in the face of the steepest supply chain challenges in living memory.

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