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Finding and engaging the next generation of innovators

Tech that matters is all about solving challenges and tackling problems that matter at the national and international level. To create it we need to engage the next generation of innovators and equip them with the skills that matter, says Martin McCourt, Non-Executive Director, Tharsus.

By Martin McCourt

I’ve talked previously about the UK’s long history of innovation. We’ve always punched above our weight in terms of our size, population and access to resources. From Alexander Fleming to Alexander Graham Bell the UK has a track record of delivering innovation to the world. While China may play a growing role as the world’s manufacturer, the UK and its businesses need to take the opportunity to embrace our expertise and deliver innovation and technological disruption.

Here at Tharsus we believe in the power of great ideas and understand that new products can change the world. We know from experience that when we develop technologies that are on a different level to the incumbents, we create incredible potential to disrupt the established order.

Tech that matters – solving problems that need to be solved

One of our key principles is to create tech that matters. While there is no shortage of clever, head-turning ideas, we always put each new idea to the test by asking: ‘What is the point?’ For each idea, there has to be a strong answer to that question in order for us to invest and take the idea forward. Unlike evolution, true invention transforms expectations and behaviours. This idea is at the heart of our vision to build ‘tech that matters’. We are talking about products that are relevant, game changing and have a major purpose. These are the ideas we take forward. The ideas that change the way we work and live in a meaningful way.

Ultimately, our belief in creating tech that matters is about solving the problems that need to be solved. From designing new products that directly impact the sustainability or healthcare fields to driving efficiencies in supply chains that reduce fuel consumption and emissions, our aim is always to solve substantial challenges and tackle problems that matter at the national and international level. The UK has always been a great driver of innovation but as a rapidly growing business, a key driver is the need for the best talent.

Inspiring the next generation. 

When recruiting the future talent of the industry, it’s important to be able to show new recruits why the products they are creating matter. Creating technology which, for example, contributes to the increase in alternative, greener means of low-cost transport. Through meaningful projects, we can inspire the next generation to develop the training and skills to solve real world problems.

It’s heartening to see this approach paying off at Tharsus. In particular, when we heard via this very channel earlier from one of our apprentice colleagues, who spoke with obvious pride both about the technology she is involved in creating to combat climate change, but also about the potential for the North-East region to become a global centre for innovation. It’s no surprise she has been shortlisted for a North- East Chamber of Commerce Inspiring Female award as well as being a MAKE UK national finalist. She’s a deserving winner and we wish her well.

Speaking now of inspiring the next generation is timely as our apprentice and graduate recruitment window opens for our 2023 cohorts.

At Tharsus, we are proud of our long track record of apprentice and graduate intake. As we look ahead, there are so many potential opportunities, from apprenticeships to a more active dialogue between business and the education sector, that could increase opportunities for the next generation. We are always working with our local schools and regional universities to ensure that young people are shown the opportunities on offer and the relevancy of the work that we do. As an industry, we need to be working with government and our educational institutions to make the right interventions, get the right talent, and teach students the skills that matter, now and in the future.

Martin has spent over 40 years working at the heart of British-based manufacturing, design and marketing for quality brands such as Dyson, Mars, Duracell, Toshiba and Pelikan.

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