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We’re using Digital Technology to be better

By Paul Featonby

You don’t have to spend much time browsing the media these days to realise just about everything from the future of industry to the health of the human race- not to mention the health of the planet- is facing alarmingly steep challenges.

Right now, all over the world, market disruptive technologies and strategic machines developed by Tharsus are solving problems and delivering success to customers in industries as diverse as farming, warehouse automation, groceries and automotive. In many cases this success has seen them transform themselves into global technology businesses in their own right.

But it’s a world where problems are getting exponentially bigger. To keep solving them, we’re embarking on our own transformation, from an electro-mechanical engineering business to an intelligent UK automation and technology provider.

What exactly do we mean by this? Put simply, we’re harnessing the power of Digital Technology to make our strategic machines more strategic.  While they’re already delivering bigger impact for our customers and influencing the strategies of the sectors they’re being created for, we’re not stopping at sector disruption. With Digital Technology we will develop globally disruptive products which solve big world challenges.

Digital tools are the heart of our transformation. Unique software development and modelling techniques we developed ourselves are creating autonomous solutions which are intelligent and can make their own decisions. They work smarter, more efficiently and more effectively, exponentially expanding operational capabilities for our customers.

Digital Technology is fundamental to optimising our product development process too. Complex simulation, emulation and software development unlocks laser accurate de-risking and rapid prototyping. We’re able to understand how our game changing robotic solutions will behave in the real world and optimise them early, to ensure they deliver exponential success to our customers.

Bump, the workplace social distancing system we developed is a case in point. Digital simulation enabled us to get clarity in a matter of a few weeks how hundreds of devices worn by different wearers populating one space would interact with one another. In turn this enabled us to get Bump from an idea to a deployed system at scale through our product development process in just 12 weeks. When you’re running against a global pandemic, time really counts.

We’re using Digital Technology to be better. We’re creating better solutions to solve bigger challenges. Better for our customers. Better for us. Better for the world. If you want to find out how we can use Digital Technology to make things better for you, please get in touch.

Paul’s team is making our strategic machines more strategic. With Digital Technology we will develop globally disruptive products which solve big world challenges.

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