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How Tharsus makes things better

We make things better in an uncertain world

By Andrew Elwick

You’ve a clearly resolved concept for an automated solution which will dramatically increase your operational capability and exponentially grow your business. Industry wisdom dictates that the smart way to ensure a successful outcome, is to engage a specialist manufacturing partner to deliver the solution for you, while you concentrate on doing what you’re good at.

It sounds safe and straight forward.  But in today’s increasingly uncertain times it’s complicated and extremely risky.

You don’t need to be a world authority on manufacturing to understand how the joint effects of Covid and Brexit are shaking the manufacturing and robotics world, not to mention the global disruption to the semi- conductor market.

Barely understood border controls are severely disrupting supply chains and causing catastrophic delays in getting product to customers.  The impact of Covid isolation rules on work forces meanwhile is creating further delays and big quality issues.  And then there’s loss of Semi-Conductor production in the US and scarcity of supply.  There are fires everywhere you look.  It isn’t hard to understand why people are reluctant to put their new products into manufacture at the moment.

Nor is it hard to understand why those already manufacturing, suffering the woes we’ve just touched on, aren’t confident in finding another partner who can deliver any better.

Another way

But there is another way.  Let us take care of your manufacturing.  We offer you a robust supply chain, stable workforce and fast and accurate onboarding for your product into one of the UK’s most experienced manufacturers.

Based in North- East England, we’re able to capitalise on access to a broad range of local suppliers, meaning no delays and Just in Time (JIT) capability.  Our supply chain colleagues have also adapted purchasing methodologies to overcome the delays caused by Semi- Conductor availability.  Deploying Bump, our multi award winning data- driven social distancing system is keeping our Colleagues safe and working.    Having product design consultancy and rapid prototyping expertise in house, means we can resolve design pack, Bill of Materials (BoM) and Design for Excellence (DFX) issues as they arise meaning faster, smarter, more accurate scale manufacture for your product.

We’ve an integrated sister business – a disrupter in complex sheet metal fabrication- offering the highest quality of casing and componentry which can be minutely specified to your product under the same roof.

And we’re not too big – not too small. Big enough to handle real volumes but not so big that we don’t care about your needs and those of the products we make.  And we’re agile. Able to pivot quickly on demand.

But the thing customers like BMW and Ocado tell us they like most, is we’re collaborators at heart.  That means open book and open communication with you as we make your product.

If you’d like to talk about how Tharsus can make things better for you, I’ll be happy to talk to you.

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Andrew is the voice of our manufacturing customers within Tharsus, cementing the collaborative partnerships which lie at the core of successful product delivery.

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