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The product design problem is not our end game — and it shouldn’t be yours

By Nick Adams

Two key factors govern your success as a tech owner

  1. Getting your new product into the market quickly
  2. And getting it into the market effectively – meaning well-engineered, tried-and-tested, well-built, and optimised

Both speed to market and product quality need you to engineer well, manufacture well, and manufacture quickly.  This is easy to say but hard to do.

Manufacturing hardware is tough — if it’s not your core competency  

Hardware manufacturing has many potential pitfalls that have seen some genuinely brilliant tech businesses fail when they had every right to succeed.

With close to 60 years of experience in getting globally recognised tech successfully to market, here at Tharsus, we achieve this through our Solve + Scale + Supply service offering.

This unique holistic approach to manufacturing means you benefit from our long track record of experience in early-stage hardware manufacturing.

The design problem is not our end game, and it shouldn’t be yours

Solve sits at the front end of our service offering, but our focus is on the end game.  While some competitors may be intent on developing a product prototype, we focus on successful scale manufacture and market entry for your product.   This means your product moves into accurate scale manufacture rapidly – and you get to revenue generation faster.

To successfully design a product, you must first have commercial clarity

When designing a product, front of mind should be the need for your product to deliver competitive advantage and commercial success for your customers.  As part of our Solve service offering, this means we can help you get your product grounded in hard commercial reality.

We begin by unpacking your commercial model and separating wants from needs.  From this vantage point, we work with you to create a market-optimised product technology strategy.

We are invested in your successful manufacturing

Our success is invested in manufacturing your product at volume.  This means we have skin in the game for the long haul.  Your success is our success.

At every iteration of design development, we challenge ourselves by asking the question, “what will this product be like to manufacture?”

A simple example of this is changing the orientation of a component within a design that introduces new variances of bolt sizes to the product.  This will add time, cost, and complication at the manufacturing stage.

While a stand-alone design house may not see this as an issue – at Tharsus, we do.  We would make alterations to accept a bolt size already used on the product.  Our Solve + Scale + Supply methodology improves manufacturing efficiency by reducing labour, material costs and complexity in the supply chain.

A more generalist contract manufacturer is unlikely to take this approach – because it’s not typical in a traditional operationally-focused model.   Such contract manufacturers typically take a customer’s design and then manufacture it to the letter in a pre-agreed volume within a pre-agreed timeframe.  The effectiveness of that design — and de facto — the end product, is not their responsibility.

The Tharsus approach means we can offer design optimisation and a faster route to efficient manufacturing and revenue generation.

But Solve + Scale + Supply is more significant than that…

We unlock market disruption and transformation for your business

Let’s take a real-life example. Last year a customer of long-standing in their market sector came to us with an idea for an automation opportunity.   Understanding we could engineer this at many times the pace they could themselves, they wanted to take advantage of this.

Our team worked with the customer to develop a fully integrated data-driven electro-mechanical system from scratch.   But our journey went beyond this, through our Solve + Scale + Supply service offering, it surfaced several highly relevant ways the tech could also work in other industries and functions.

This effectively enabled our customer to transition from a hardware supplier to a technology business.  It’s this transformational solution — both business and market transformative – that’s at the heart of Tharsus’ Solve + Scale + Supply and results in exponential additional value for our customers.

If you want to accelerate your product to market and grow revenue faster, we have the team to help you achieve your goal. Contact us today to see what value we can deliver for you.

Nick ensures we have the capability within each product development team to effectively leverage technology as well as bringing a strong delivery focus to customers' products.

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