Meet the Grads - Episode 1 - tharsus

Meet the Grads – Episode 1

The Tharsus Graduate Project

By Kerry Patterson

Meet three of our Graduate Engineers at Tharsus.


Sam, Ed and Ant have embarked upon a mission. This mission is to design and manufacture the ultimate Strategic Machine for the business to use, which showcases the capabilities and talents of Tharsus. In the first episode of the Tharsus Graduate project, you’ll find out who they are, what makes them tick and most importantly, what this project really is and why they’re doing it.

This is a really exciting time for our grads, and we can’t wait to see what they get up to in the next episode!

Tharsus designs and manufactures Strategic Machines. Strategic Machines make a strategic difference to our customers’ business performance by solving tough automation problems and creating new business opportunities. The right Strategic Machine helps businesses tackle people and resource scarcity, environmental challenges, changing consumer behaviour and disruptive competitors and technologies.

Kerry Patterson is Head of HR at Tharsus. Her team are experts at finding Tharsus people. They fit perfectly with our culture and values -and guided by them- deliver the exceptional every day.

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