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Drive innovation through purpose

Tharsus Founder Brian Palmer explains why we need to drive innovation through collaboration and purpose in UK robotics.

By Brian Palmer OBE

Innovation is not just having ideas. It is about finding solutions to real challenges. As we look around us, we don’t have to look too far to see the challenges we face. The world is changing at the fastest pace it ever has in history – and, almost certainly, at the slowest pace it ever will again.

While the UK is world-class at coming up with early-stage ideas, there is a real need now for businesses to respond to the disruption that we are seeing by commercialising our research and innovation and building the foundations we need to make progress.

The pandemic – and in particular the Ventilator Challenge and the vaccine rollout – highlighted what the UK tech can achieve when we break down corporate silos, respond to change at pace, and bring together our engineering talent to deliver solutions.

At Tharsus, we have seen years of tech and digital transformation happen in months as companies in every industry have evolved rapidly to adapt and thrive in the new operating conditions. The success of these business transformations has been achieved not only through determination and focus but also unprecedented levels of collaboration.

We have seen what collaboration and the optimisation of networks can achieve in accelerating the progress of exciting technologies, such as AI. Now, we must keep up the momentum and nurture and develop these solutions to overcome big, multifaceted, complex challenges ahead of us.

The pandemic also demonstrated the power of having a clear purpose. Not just at an organisational level, but also at a project level. There is a power in knowing the purpose of each project you undertake, of each technology you develop, and of each product you sell. By knowing the answers to these questions, you unlock new opportunities to scale, commercialise and make an impact. Looking ahead, the power of combining purpose and effective collaboration is a huge opportunity for business leaders to have a real positive impact on the world.

As COP26 has made clear, one of the most fundamental challenges we face is climate change and the race to achieve net zero. It is a challenge we can only accomplish if we go forward with a spirit of collaboration and clarity of purpose. If we harness the purpose, innovation and collaboration that has carried us through this pandemic, we can work together to reverse climate change in a way that benefits both business and the environment.

At Tharsus, we have established an industry leading reputation in UK robotics and tech  by creating strategic machines that drive business results and make our partners more competitive. We are also always looking to the future and as we continue our journey to engineer progress for the UK, we will continue our quest to unlock innovation, deliver more effective solutions, and create a better planet for years to come.

As Founder, Brian is Tharsus' entrepreneur in chief, searching the world for the partnerships and collaborations by which we’ll engineer progress and solve some of the World’s toughest challenges faced by society.

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