What we do

We design and build robots and automated machines.

We transform performance and create opportunity through industrial automation, your trusted partner throughout the new product development process into manufacture.

As robotics and automated machines experts, we partner with you from initial concept to commercial delivery, transforming performance and creating opportunity.

We created our unique Original Equipment Design & Manufacture (OEDM) service model to meet fast-changing customer needs, helping you address global challenges through robotics, machines and industrial automation. Always focused on pushing boundaries in changing and challenging environments.


OEDM is a major breakthrough, specifically designed to help companies new to or moving into the design and manufacture of automation solutions. It’s been tailored to drive commercial collaboration right from the start, integrating technologies and resources to a shared purpose. Much more than contract manufacturing, it’s an end-to-end new product development process that takes you seamlessly from initial concept to full commercial delivery. A flexible business model that fits around you and your product requirements.

Product manufacture and design have traditionally been delivered as separate processes, by different organisations, generally with little or no dialogue between them. When you have no shared ownership of the product’s success, results inevitably fall short. Our OEDM model brings both strands under one roof, removing risk and making the whole new product development process quicker and more efficient.

Importantly, the customer retains full brand and IP ownership while getting the maximum value from external expertise and specialist capabilities throughout the product design, development and manufacture journey.

Whether you need an automated machine to help transform your operations, you’re a start-up with a powerful idea for robotics at the concept stage, or you have a product you want to improve or manufacture at greater volumes, we have the expertise to engineer real progress.

Engineers designing robots

If you need an end-to-end concept to manufacture…

We work with global businesses to discover and capitalise on opportunities where robots or automated machines will make a dramatic difference – improving performance, enhancing customer service and adding significant value.

By partnering with you from day one and for the long-term, we’ll collaborate closely with your team to combine our expertise. Together we’ll identify the opportunity, before designing and manufacturing machines and robotics you will own. We’re highly experienced, having done this for major enterprises across all sectors, including agritech, food and beverage, healthcare, energy and renewables, and transport. It’s exactly what we did for Ocado, helping transform the way they do business.

If you’re at the prototype stage…

We help tech and robotics companies that are focused on taking a new technology innovation to market. Normally at the start-up stage, you will likely have a concept or early prototype, but it’s not manufacturable yet and you don’t have the resources or experience internally to make that leap. We’ll solve the problems, bring down the target price and make it commercially viable so you can demonstrate to investors that you’ve got a sustainable route to market. We did this for Automata, helping them industrialise and commercialise their robotics technology.

If you’re ready to scale up…

You may already be quite a way into the process with a product but need our support to take things to the next level. You’ve passed beyond the start-up stage and could even be an established global business, you’ve gone through industrialisation with a late prototype designed for manufacture (DFM), or you may have a manufacturing solution you’ve outgrown.

With our expertise we can push you to manufacturing excellence and significantly increase production. Crucially we can be flexible and don’t force you to commit to huge volumes. Creating first-of-its-kind technology means navigating volatile markets, so we’re agile, able to scale production up or down as needed.

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