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Women in engineering: Isabela Santos

By Kerry Patterson

Isabela Santos has progressed in her journey at Tharsus, starting as a Quality Engineer to being our Business Excellence Manager. We caught up with her to find our how she became an Engineer and what she thinks about Women in Engineering.

What is a Strategic Machine?

By Alex Latimer

A Strategic Machine makes a strategic difference to our customers proposition, giving them commercial success through potentially game-changing ideas in sometimes, quite established industries. For example, robotics in food production, warehouse automation, and agricultural robots. What was our inspiration for helping customers create their Strategic Machines?

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What is FAT?

By Gordon Ramsey

Factory acceptance testing (FAT) is the end process of a comprehensive control plan, each one product specific. Deployed for all products, this defines the process controls and measures taken to ensure each and every machine conforms to the performance and safety expectations of its design.

What are advanced machines and robots?

By Dave Swan

AMRs, or advanced machines and robots are complex in design and manufacture and have the potential to revolutionise the way a business operates and disrupt industry sectors, through automating a traditionally human function to generate a far greater operational output. 

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Synergy between design and supply chain functions ensures delivery

By Nick Adams

As we face the worst supply chain crisis in living memory, let's explore how our Design and Supply Chain teams are innovating together to ensure delivery of our customers' own innovations.  At Tharsus, we support our customers’ product development journey at every stage of the lifecycle, from concept to manufacturable product. We've got everything under one roof and can take...

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What is innovation?

By Brian Palmer

Innovation is the creation and implementation of solutions and ideas that result in new or improved products, systems or services. It’s a term used around the globe, and different nuances of innovation are used to differentiate all applications of the term.

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TMS. Because a QMS alone isn’t quality enough.

By Isabela Santos

Here at Tharsus we’ve developed our own approach to quality. We call it the Tharsus Management System or TMS. The TMS is the heart of everything we do. It brings our DNA to life- essentially what makes Tharsus, Tharsus.  It cascades our strategy for the business through robust and agile processes to minimise potential risks to delivering it. 

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Promoting efficiency in logistics

By Dave Swan

There is currently a network opportunity in the logistics supply chain. Put simply, no one owns the whole process so there's no real incentive for network efficiency. The result is that there is wasted activity being done by lots of individuals that they don't see because they don’t have a view of the entire network. For too many businesses, network...

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Creating an innovation ecosystem

By John Hannah

Tharsus Robotics and Autonomous Systems Lead, John Hannah explores the UK robotics ecosystem.  

Derisking innovation in UK Manufacturing

By Dave Swan

Innovation is not just having ideas. It is about finding solutions to real challenges. As we look around us, we don’t have to look too far to see the challenges we face. The world is changing at the fastest pace it ever has in history – and, almost certainly, at the slowest pace it ever will again. While the UK...

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