At Tharsus, our values aren't just words.  They're real and guide us in everything we do - tharsus

At Tharsus, our values aren’t just words.  They’re real and guide us in everything we do

At Tharsus, we don't just Aim Higher, we Think Wider and Work Together to deliver excellence for our customers. Our values aren't just words.  They are real and guide us in everything we do.

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By Elaine Fullarton

2023 Chairman’s Award

We recently celebrated our 2023 Chairman’s Awards at Tharsus and Universal Wolf, honouring colleagues who embody our company’s Vision, Mission, and Values. These shining examples inspire us all, so we wanted to take a moment and shine a light on some of our nominees and their stories.

Introducing Ed Wilding

Meet Tharsus Lead Engineer, Ed Wilding, our shining example of what it means to “Work Together.” At Tharsus, collaboration isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the essence of our success.

Ed’s journey embodies the true spirit of teamwork. Whether within the design team, alongside our advanced manufacturing experts, or engaging with customers and suppliers, Ed is often the linchpin of relationships across various fronts.

Mission impossible

In the spirit of “Working Together,” Ed was handpicked for a project with Automata, a leading automation company powering life science labs. Faced with what seemed like a mission impossible, Ed emerged as our guiding light. Armed with exceptional design skills and an innate knack for transitioning product designs to scalable manufacturing, he epitomized how teamwork can elevate a project’s success.

From design to scale manufacturing

We seamlessly transformed Automata’s initial design into a streamlined production process, yielding significant cost reductions and simplifications, all while upholding stringent quality standards that are crucial in a science lab environment.

Despite the tight time frame, the Tharsus team rose to the challenge, ensuring every milestone was met, including a critical customer demo at a trade show. It was a collective effort fuelled by dedication and collaboration.

Ed’s dedication knows no bounds. Whether burning the midnight oil on Fridays, pushing the boundaries of CAD, or taking work home, he consistently goes above and beyond. Even amidst this project whirlwind, he still managed his advanced manufacturing responsibilities with finesse.

Our values aren’t just words 

Ed’s commitment isn’t confined to meeting customer deadlines; it’s about ensuring excellence in every aspect of our work. He embodies the spirit of what makes Tharsus, Tharsus:  aiming higher, thinking wider, and working together.

Ed Wilding Lead Engineer at Tharsus

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