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Press Release: Bump by Tharsus

Bump: the cutting-edge social-distancing system to support return to work strategies

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By Brian Palmer OBE

On Friday, we announced the development of ‘Bump’ – a new, cutting-edge technology system specifically designed to help keep people safe in the workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bump’s peer-to-peer system seeks to change and improve personal-distance behaviour by recording the interactions between devices every time someone comes into contact with another’s Bump zones. The wearable device will alert them if contact is made, with each interaction recorded and made available for the individual wearer to review.

Bump was developed as a preventative measure to help businesses enforce personal-distance standards, measure effectiveness, minimise aerosol transmission, and support the implementation of contact transmission policies.

As well as alerting wearers, the Bump system can be used by employers to monitor the interactions taking place, providing additional insight into movement throughout the workplace and the intelligence to inform social-distancing measures.

Devices have been developed to be worn in designated workspaces, such as offices, warehouses, laboratories, manufacturing centres and canteens.

The data produced by Bump is limited to the time, severity and frequency of interactions, fully encrypted, and only available to individual wearers and their employers.

We estimate that Bump could help millions of people control their personal safety at work and allow many companies to accelerate their return-to-work strategies.

It is producing 2,500 devices during May for a range of trial partners representing key sectors of the economy to test, learn and establish best practice of the Bump system before it is made available for commercial use from late June 2020. The technology conforms with all Government HSE policies, GDPR and complements other health and safety strategies.

Early stage implementation is now underway following a period of robust testing at our headquarters in Blyth, Northumberland.

Development began shortly after the UK Government announced strict social-distancing measures to tackle the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. We developed Bump as a specific response to these measures in order to enable businesses to get back to work, help workers feel safe and empowered in their workplace and accelerate the UK’s economic recovery.

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