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Innovation Forum visit to Tharsus

Tharsus hosts Design Network North innovation exchange

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By Private: Alex LatimerAlex Latimer

Today, Tharsus were hosts to the innovative colleagues of Design Network North.

Design Network North, established 11 years ago, is a collection of individuals and businesses, concerned with harnessing the value in design and applying it to their company. Members of the network are from all different industry backgrounds, but all with the interest of design and innovation. Every month, the network hosts Rise And Design events, in which companies have the opportunity to share and network with businesses with similar interests across the North.

Terry McStea, Network Manager of Design Network North, recently launched a series of events for technology and innovation officers involved in various industries within the network. He recognised the need for these individuals to talk to people with similar pains. By getting together, they could share ideas, issues and solutions. A win-win. He commented:

While we have a wide range of businesses in the network, operating in very different sector, the issues they face are usually the same – how do we inspire and empower our people to create great products that our customers will love. So this Innovation Forum is a great opportunity to share knowledge, ideas and contacts, and for businesses to support each other. And we’re delighted that Tharsus offered to host this session.


Dave Swan, CTO of Tharsus, hosted the second event at our HQ. Complete with a tour of our facilities, it gave the group the opportunity to get together and share their ideas and knowledge. He said:

“It is a good experience meeting up with colleagues from different sectors of industry. Sharing our knowledge and insights is a great way to stay connected to people in different backgrounds of work.”

In attendance were the innovative and technological colleagues from industries including sub-sea infrastructure, oil & gas, digital technology, manufacturing, electronics, robotics and automation.

It was a great experience for everyone involved and Tharsus were delighted to have hosted.

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