Transport & electrification

Connectivity and mobility powered by automation

Automated machines and data-driven robotics have the potential to transform every aspect of transport and communications, making people feel more connected in every way.

We have reached a pivotal point in human history where climate change and a growing population is putting immense strain on communications and transport systems worldwide. So we want to help navigate a better future through our expertise in robotics and automation. Traditional infrastructure is no longer fit for purpose, while emerging new technologies are victims of their own success, struggling to keep up with growing demand.

Ultimately, the inadequacies of current systems are holding back economic growth. Innovation can transform connectivity and mobility, reinventing everything from transport electrification to delivering high-speed internet to the most isolated parts of the world. Instead of infrastructure systems that accelerate the climate crisis, clever technology can spearhead a change in direction where transport and connectivity can be part of the solution.

Smart technology in public transport systems

The expertise we bring

Our specialist knowledge of designing and building data-driven hardware makes us ideally placed to play a powerful role in upgrading public transport and infrastructure. We can help connect the unconnected in under-served areas, while efficiently weaning the most populated and sometimes gridlocked cities off their outdated, polluting networks. Yet we also know that some of the most imaginative solutions are still to be invented, so we partner with companies in emerging technology sectors to make sure we’re the first to see what the future of innovation looks like.

Smart City Tech

We have the expertise to play an important role in bringing communities and the public sector services they need closer together. Through smart information and communication technologies (ICT), we can help local and central governments communicate better, improving everything from recycling initiatives to the way people travel. Smarter cities are more efficient, costing authorities less to run, which ultimately lowers tax for residents, boosting the economy.

The future of the internet

We need new and novel ways to upgrade and expand the roll-out of high-speed internet to ensure every community is connected, regardless of where they are in the world. Currently the provision is surprisingly undemocratic, but smarter uses of technology can change that. A reliable connection is becoming increasingly important, as day-to-day life for everyone is more and more reliant on the web, from social interaction to e-government. Add to that the recent shift towards remote working and its clear innovation on a large scale is both essential and urgent. Robotics and automation will inevitably play a major role.

Turning vehicles electric

Electric vehicles (EVs) are no longer a niche idea. Uptake is booming, in part because far better battery capacity has stopped people from worrying about a limited range. Yet further innovation is needed because the more EVs there are on the roads, the more strain they put on limited public chargers. At current rates, availability is going backwards, with fewer chargers per vehicle as take-up increases. But automation and robotics have the potential to reverse the trend, scaling the infrastructure quickly and democratically, ensuring it’s not just the big cities that benefit.

What do you need?

There is so much more potential for transformation in this sector. If your business is in connectivity and mobility and you want to solve a challenge that will create strategic advantage over your competitors, we want to hear from you.


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