Rise and Design: Designing our way out of lockdown

Online event 10-12:30

Location Online event
Date 06/12/2020

While the current lockdown has been a harrowing experience for many of us, it does represent an opportunity to create a new world, and new businesses.

We’ve all learned very quickly to adapt to remote working, social distancing etc, and as these things are going to be with us for some time, we need to rethink how we do business. And do business better.

So we will be hearing from several speakers who are helping businesses to transform what they do, how they do it and how they serve their clients.

And who will help you to grasp this opportunity and make it work for you, your business and your clients.


Speakers include –

Dave Swan, Tharsus

Now that social distancing has become the norm, keeping employees and customers safe has become a major issue for businesses. Tharsus have responded to this by developing Bumpa wearable device that helps individuals maintain a safe environment, and allows businesses to monitor the effectiveness of the systems they’ve put in place. Dave will give us some insights into this new technology and it’s creation.

Matt Atkinson, Radical Panda

Many businesses are embracing digital technology to cope with the current restrictions, whether that’s selling products online to Zoom meetings with clients. But there is a danger that we choose the first solution we come across. Matt will describe his approach to understanding where the real gains can be made, and some tools to help you explore new ways of working and services to offer.

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