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VersaTile Automation

Tharsus Group: Pioneering Innovation with VersaTile Automation

VersaTile Automation

Tharsus Group: Pioneering Innovation with VersaTile Automation

At Tharsus, we have always been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge automation solutions.

Today, we are proud to introduce VersaTile Automation, a groundbreaking new venture conceived and developed right here in Blyth, Northumberland. VersaTile represents the next chapter in our ongoing mission to enhance productivity and efficiency in the UK’s supply chains through innovative technology.


From Tharsus to VersaTile: A Journey of Innovation

The genesis of VersaTile Automation is a testament to the pioneering spirit of Tharsus Group. Leveraging our extensive experience in logistics and automation, we have spun out VersaTile as an independent company poised to make a significant impact on the logistics and warehousing sectors. Our legacy of delivering progressive solutions to global giants like Ocado, Rolls Royce, and BMW has laid the foundation for VersaTile’s cutting-edge technology.


Rooted in Blyth, Aiming Global

The concept for VersaTile was entirely conceived in Blyth, reflecting our commitment to local innovation and economic growth. By establishing VersaTile in Blyth, they aim to create high-value career opportunities in technological development, engineering, and manufacturing, providing a much-needed boost to the local community. There vision extends beyond regional development, with plans to expand VersaTile’s reach on an international scale.

Innovative Solutions for Modern Supply Chain Challenges

VersaTile’s modular automation system, developed with Tharsus’s expertise, represents a significant leap forward in warehouse efficiency. The ‘intelligent floor’ technology dynamically tracks and moves products, significantly increasing productivity while reducing spatial requirements. This system’s AI-driven self-learning capabilities ensure it adapts to real-time changes, seamlessly integrating into existing warehouse infrastructures.


Early Adoption and Proven Success

Wincanton, a prominent logistics firm, has become the first to implement VersaTile’s technology. The successful deployment in Wincanton’s high-volume eFulfilment centre in Northampton showcases the practical benefits of our system, enhancing order picking efficiency and enabling faster deliveries. This partnership underscores the trust in Tharsus’s innovative solutions and VersaTile’s promising potential.


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